Dartmouth South Academy

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Watt, Matthew Aboriginal Support Worker Matthew.Watt@hrce.ca
Gough, Nathaniel African NS Support Worker NGough@hrce.ca
Logan, Danny Building Manager DSA-Caretaker@hrce.ca
Decoste, Donna EPA (100%) DDeCoste@hrce.ca
Samson, Kim EPA (100%) KSamson@hrsb.ca
Michelle, Dunn EPA (100%) Michelle.Dunn@hrsb.ca
Beaudouin, Alicia EPA (50%) Alicia.Beaudouin@hrce.ca
Peck Espinosa, Jillian EPA (50%) Jillian.PeckEspinosa@hrce.ca
Deveau, Kimberley EPA (80%) Kimberley.Deveau@hrce.ca
Simmonds, Jandera EPA (80%) JSimmonds@hrce.ca
Shields, Zoe EPA (80%) Zoe.Shields@hrce.ca
Serieys, Taylor EPA (80%) Taylor.Serieys@hrce.ca
Loughnane, Melanie EPA (80%) Melanie.Loughnane@hrce.ca
Griffin, Laura EPA (80%) Laura.Griffin@hrce.ca
Day, Sarah EPA (80%) Sarah.Day@hrce.ca
Yule, Stew EPA (80%) Stewart.Yule@hrce.ca
Shields, Julie EPA (80%) Julia.Shields@hrce.ca
Livingston, Lawren Library Technician Lawren.Livingston@hrce.ca
Snider, Amy Math Support ASnider@hrce.ca
Messervey-Hall, Amanda Math Support A-MesserveyHall@hrce.ca
Elgie, Alexandra Pre-Primary Lead AAElgie@hrce.ca
Stockley, Katelin Pre-Primary Lead Katelin.Stockley@hrce.ca
Findlay, Angela Pre-Primary Support Angela.Findlay@hrce.ca
Martel, Valerie Pre-Primary Support VMartel@hrce.ca
Martel, Valerie Pre-Primary Support VMartel@hrce.ca
Macauley-Okoro, Odotoupe Pre-Primary Support OMOkoro@hrce.ca
Arenburg, Melanie Pre-Primary Support MArenburg@hrce.ca
Cox, Adena School Psychologist Adena.Cox@hrce.ca
Jewers, Brad School Social Worker 902-483-6127 BJewers@hrce.ca
Larter, Savannah Speech/Language Pathologist SLarter@hrce.ca
Hill, Delroy Technician DHill@hrce.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Birdsall, Alison Acting Vice Principal (50%) 902-464-2081 ABirdsall@hrce.ca
Harriss, Brenna Guidance (50%) 902-464-2081 Brenna.Harriss@hrce.ca
Lake, Kelly Office Manager 902-464-2081 KLake@hrsb.ca
Jarvis, Doug Office Manager (50%) 902-464-2081 Douglas.Jarvis@hrce.ca
Blumenthal, Adrienne Principal 902-464-2081 ABlumenthal@hrsb.ca
Aucoin, Susan Vice Principal 902-464-2081 SAucoin@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Brown, Rae EAL BrownR@hrce.ca Website
Chidiac, Nicole ELT/Reading Recovery NChidiac@hrce.ca
Endres, Patricia ELT/Reading Recovery PEndres@hrce.ca
Berends, Jamie-Lee Grade 4-6 Core French Jamie-Lee.Berends@hrce.ca
Forde, Patrick Grade 6 Band PForde@hrce.ca
Paine, Chris Grade 7 ELA Chris.Paine@hrce.ca
Fielding, Rhiannon Grade 7/8 Art/Family Studies RFielding@hrce.ca
Jean-Jean, Emilie Grade 7/8 Core French/Mode de Vie Sain Emilie.JeanJean@hrce.ca
Edwards, Melodie Grade 7/8 FLA Melodie.Edwards@hrce.ca Twitter
Zinck, Brittany Grade 7/8 Mathematics Brittany.Zinck@hrce.ca
Cameron, Lindsay Grade 7/8 Mathematics/Science Lindsay.Cameron@hrce.ca
Harris, Emily Grade 7/8 Mathématiques Emily.Harris@hrce.ca
Martin, Emma Grade 7/8 Phys Ed/Healthy Living Emma.Martin@hrce.ca
Soosaar, Kirstin Grade 7/8 Sciences Humaines/Sciences Kirstin.Soosaar@hrce.ca
Bucci, Ryan Grade 7/8 Social Studies/Healthy Living Ryan.Bucci@hrce.ca Website
Brannon, Jason Grade 7/8 Tech Ed/Healthy Living/Science JBrannon@hrsb.ca
Bragg, Jenn Grade 8 ELA JBragg@hrce.ca
Payne, Lindsay Grade Five Lindsay.Payne@hrce.ca
Milner, Cameron Grade Five Cameron.Milner@hrce.ca
Swan, Hannah Grade Four HSwan@hrce.ca
Fernando, Dilini Grade Four/Five Dilini.Fernando@hrce.ca
John, Roxanna Grade One RJohn@hrce.ca
Morrissey, Jennifer Grade One/Two JMorrissey@hrce.ca
Jack, Daniel Grade P-8 Music/Band Daniel.Jack@hrce.ca
Hodder, John Grade P-8 Phys Ed John.Hodder@hrce.ca
Sanderson, Ryan Grade P-8 Physical Education Ryan.Sanderson@hrce.ca
MacQueen, Allyson Grade Primary Allyson.MacQueen@hrce.ca
Saunders, Shaylyn Grade Primary/One Shaylyn.Saunders@hrce.ca
Wood, Todd Grade Six Todd.Wood@hrce.ca
Lynch, Amy Grade Six ALynch@hrce.ca
Marando, Jennifer Grade Three Jennifer.Marando@hrce.ca
Hall, Marissa Grade Three Marissa.Hall@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Meghan Grade Three/Four Meghan.MacNeil@hrce.ca
Stewart, Crystal Grade Two Crystal.Stewart@hrce.ca
Durand, Nicole Grade Two Marie.Durand@hrce.ca
Hishon, Jennifer Grade Two/Three JHishon@hrce.ca
Birdsall, Alison Junior High Student Support (50%) ABirdsall@hrce.ca
Eisenhauer, Caitlin Learning Centre CEisenhauer@hrce.ca
Buchanan, Charity Learning Centre
DeGrasse, Michael Learning Centre MDeGrasse@hrce.ca
Dileo, Kristyn Primary/One Kristyn.Dileo@hrce.ca
Brackett Hill, Wendy Resource Brackett-HillW@hrce.ca
Hebb, Alexander Resource Alexander.Hebb@hrce.ca
Higgins, Bridget Resource BHiggins@hrce.ca
Forde, Halle Strings HForde@hrce.ca