Dartmouth South Academy

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Blumenthal, Adrienne Principal 902-464-2081 ABlumenthal@hrsb.ca
Aucoin, Susan Vice Principal 902-464-2081 SAucoin@hrce.ca
Birdsall, Alison Acting Vice Principal (50%) 902-464-2081 ABirdsall@hrce.ca
Harriss, Brenna Guidance (50%) 902-464-2081 Brenna.Harriss@hrce.ca
Jarvis, Doug Office Manager (50%) 902-464-2081 Douglas.Jarvis@hrce.ca
Lake, Kelly Office Manager 902-464-2081 KLake@hrsb.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Berends, Jamie-Lee Grade 4-6 Core French Jamie-Lee.Berends@hrce.ca
Birdsall, Alison Junior High Student Support (50%) ABirdsall@hrce.ca
Brackett Hill, Wendy Resource Brackett-HillW@hrce.ca
Bragg, Jenn Grade 8 ELA JBragg@hrce.ca
Brannon, Jason Grade 7/8 Tech Ed/Healthy Living/Science JBrannon@hrsb.ca
Brown, Rae EAL BrownR@hrce.ca Website
Bucci, Ryan Grade 7/8 Social Studies/Healthy Living Ryan.Bucci@hrce.ca Website
Buchanan, Charity Learning Centre
Chidiac, Nicole ELT/Reading Recovery NChidiac@hrce.ca
DeGrasse, Michael Learning Centre MDeGrasse@hrce.ca
Dileo, Kristyn Primary/One Kristyn.Dileo@hrce.ca
Durand, Nicole Grade Two Marie.Durand@hrce.ca
Edwards, Melodie Grade 7/8 FLA Melodie.Edwards@hrce.ca Twitter
Eisenhauer, Caitlin Learning Centre CEisenhauer@hrce.ca
Endres, Patricia ELT/Reading Recovery PEndres@hrce.ca
Fernando, Dilini Grade Four/Five Dilini.Fernando@hrce.ca
Fielding, Rhiannon Grade 7/8 Art/Family Studies RFielding@hrce.ca
Forde, Halle Strings HForde@hrce.ca
Forde, Patrick Grade 6 Band PForde@hrce.ca
Hall, Marissa Grade Three Marissa.Hall@hrce.ca
Harris, Emily Grade 7/8 Mathématiques Emily.Harris@hrce.ca
Hebb, Alexander Resource Alexander.Hebb@hrce.ca
Higgins, Bridget Resource BHiggins@hrce.ca
Hishon, Jennifer Grade Two/Three JHishon@hrce.ca
Hodder, John Grade P-8 Phys Ed John.Hodder@hrce.ca
Jack, Daniel Grade P-8 Music/Band Daniel.Jack@hrce.ca
John, Roxanna Grade One RJohn@hrce.ca
Lynch, Amy Grade Six ALynch@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Meghan Grade Three/Four Meghan.MacNeil@hrce.ca
MacQueen, Allyson Grade Primary Allyson.MacQueen@hrce.ca
Marando, Jennifer Grade Three Jennifer.Marando@hrce.ca
Martin, Emma Grade 7/8 Phys Ed/Healthy Living Emma.Martin@hrce.ca
Milner, Cameron Grade Five Cameron.Milner@hrce.ca
Morrissey, Jennifer Grade One/Two JMorrissey@hrce.ca
Paine, Chris Grade 7 ELA Chris.Paine@hrce.ca
Payne, Lindsay Grade Five Lindsay.Payne@hrce.ca
Ransome, Mykala Grade 7/8 Mathematics/Science Mykala.Ransome@hrce.ca
Sanderson, Ryan Grade P-8 Physical Education Ryan.Sanderson@hrce.ca
Saunders, Shaylyn Grade Primary/One Shaylyn.Saunders@hrce.ca
Soosaar, Kirstin Grade 7/8 Sciences Humaines/Sciences Kirstin.Soosaar@hrce.ca
Stewart, Crystal Grade Two Crystal.Stewart@hrce.ca
Swan, Hannah Grade Four HSwan@hrce.ca
Wood, Todd Grade Six Todd.Wood@hrce.ca
Zinck, Brittany Grade 7/8 Mathematics Brittany.Zinck@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Arenburg, Melanie Pre-Primary Support MArenburg@hrce.ca
Beaudouin, Alicia EPA (50%) Alicia.Beaudouin@hrce.ca
Cox, Adena School Psychologist Adena.Cox@hrce.ca
Day, Sarah EPA (80%) Sarah.Day@hrce.ca
Decoste, Donna EPA (100%) DDeCoste@hrce.ca
Deveau, Kimberley EPA (80%) Kimberley.Deveau@hrce.ca
Elgie, Alexandra Pre-Primary Lead AAElgie@hrce.ca
Findlay, Angela Pre-Primary Support Angela.Findlay@hrce.ca
Gough, Nathaniel African NS Support Worker NGough@hrce.ca
Griffin, Laura EPA (80%) Laura.Griffin@hrce.ca
Hill, Delroy Technician DHill@hrce.ca
Jewers, Brad School Social Worker 902-483-6127 BJewers@hrce.ca
Larter, Savannah Speech/Language Pathologist SLarter@hrce.ca
Livingston, Lawren Library Technician Lawren.Livingston@hrce.ca
Logan, Danny Building Manager DSA-Caretaker@hrce.ca
Loughnane, Melanie EPA (80%) Melanie.Loughnane@hrce.ca
Macauley-Okoro, Odotoupe Pre-Primary Support OMOkoro@hrce.ca
Martel, Valerie Pre-Primary Support VMartel@hrce.ca
Martel, Valerie Pre-Primary Support VMartel@hrce.ca
Messervey-Hall, Amanda Math Support A-MesserveyHall@hrce.ca
Michelle, Dunn EPA (100%) Michelle.Dunn@hrsb.ca
Peck Espinosa, Jillian EPA (50%) Jillian.PeckEspinosa@hrce.ca
Pontes, Juliana SchoolsPlus Facilitator 902 240 0832 JPontes@hrce.ca
Samson, Kim EPA (100%) KSamson@hrsb.ca
Serieys, Taylor EPA (80%) Taylor.Serieys@hrce.ca
Shields, Julie EPA (80%) Julia.Shields@hrce.ca
Shields, Zoe EPA (80%) Zoe.Shields@hrce.ca
Simmonds, Jandera EPA (80%) JSimmonds@hrce.ca
Snider, Amy Math Support ASnider@hrce.ca
Stockley, Katelin Pre-Primary Lead Katelin.Stockley@hrce.ca
Watt, Matthew Aboriginal Support Worker Matthew.Watt@hrce.ca
Yule, Stew EPA (80%) Stewart.Yule@hrce.ca